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Certification at The Life Coach School

Sometimes our hardest experiences can teach us the best lessons. I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 disorder in 2016. It took me nearly 20 years of suffering and a psychiatric hospitalization later to finally get the help I really needed.

I didn't realize I was suffering on the bipolar spectrum and that my disorder was made worse on antidepressants. It wasn't until I was evaluated by an actual specialist (psychiatrist) that I was able to chemically get my body into balance with CORRECT medication. After FINALLY getting on the "same playing field" as those who's chemicals are balanced - with medicine - I had to learn to become aware of my thoughts and what they create.

That's when coaching changed my life. I benefited from therapy here and there, but nothing put tools into action for me like coaching did. I learned how to recognize the difference between circumstances and thoughts, and that my thoughts were optional. I learned the power of feeling my emotions, and processing them rather than hiding from them. I learned how THOUGHTS create EMOTIONS, which drive our ACTIONS, therefore creating the outcomes and RESULTS in our lives. I learned that my thoughts are OPTIONAL, and that a good COACH is completely neutral and nonjudgmental. A coach helped me see where my blind spots were and where my thoughts were taking me.

I enrolled at the Life Coach School to learn how to continue doing this for myself and to help others do it for themselves. I have so much gratitude for what coaching has done for my life, and I love seeing what it has done for others.

You CAN thrive with bipolar. It is truly possible to manage it well. If you click on the "more" button, you will see that I'm very involved in the performing arts and have been a professional actor and musician for over 20 years. I use coaching to help myself and others in those areas as well. A coach can help people with problems big or small. It's learning to see your thoughts as separate from your circumstances.

Thus, I became trained and certified at the best school for Life Coaching and am confident in the skills that have helped me. I offer a free consultation to see if working with me is a good fit for you. I believe I have the tools to help you up-level the results you're getting in your life and would be so honored to be your coach.

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