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Sometimes other people have the things we want. What is your initial reaction to this? Do you believe that because they have it, you cannot have it? Are they of more value than you are? Is their life better than your life?

These are sometimes the questions we ask ourselves. Jealousy is a normal human emotion, but when we let jealousy rule our lives, we are robbing ourselves of joy. Sometimes all it takes is time to process the emotion of jealousy and then to let it go. Acknowledging disappointment is healthy. Tearing down others is not.

In fact, it is in the genuine building up of others that we bring that same kind of energy into our own lives. When we choose to be happy for others, we release ourself from the negative emotion of jealousy. It feels so much better to be happy for people AND happy for ourselves, then unhappy for others and unhappy about ourselves. Recognizing that we each have our time to shine gives us the choice to either show up as supportive and positive, or degrading and negative. I for one want to be someone who is confident enough in myself and my abilities that I'm not threatened by others.

Usually people who brag a lot do so because deep down they are insecure and looking for validation. Remember that we all have insecurities and even perfect pictures can hold the darkest of secrets. It's a rough road for everyone. How do you want to show up? A bitter gossip, or a genuine friend? It's always a choice. Remember what you put out into this world always come back in some form.

True confidence is deeper than being in first place. It's being at peace when you're not in first place. Arrogance is believing you are better than others. Confidence is knowing we all have value.

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